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I circus Show Dinner
Show Dinner & Perfomance and live music.

31th AUGUST 2023

Tasting of 7 gourmet dishes & desserts including drinks and matching wines.

A multi-sensory journey of flavours, visions and music.

i- CIRCUS last appoitment of Summer 2023 on  30th August, Show Cooking evening and Juggling show with GLORIA

MENU' i- Circus 


Squids cooked with wild fennel served with potatoes, olives tapenade, bacon and green beans

Beef tartare “old style” with capers, marinated shallots, carrot fake egg yolk, turmeric and chives

Beetroots carpaccio seasoned with koji served with mustard, “Buon Pastore” sheep cheese and aromatic salad


Risotto “Meracinque” seasoned 12 months served with smoked sturgeon, saffron and Calvisius caviar

Maccheroni pasta from “Pietro Massi” with veal ragout, Fossa sheep cheese and Sichuan pepper


Charcoal roasted fillet of seabream, vegetables roll, Ponzu sauce and wild herbs

Barbecue grilled Beef Entrecôte “dry aged” with Sangiovese wine reduction, filled aubergines wrapped in smoked bacon


“Red such a passion”: white chocolate mousse and wild berries with almonds crumble

Pineapple carpaccio, yoghurt and vanilla foam, yuzu meringue and pure chocolate flakes

The cost of the Dinner with Local Wines and Minerals  60 Euro per person