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The menu of the chef

Dinner menu
... traditional ...

Roasted Cuttlefish with peas, crunchy bacon, dried tomatoes and cress
Typical Passatelli pasta with clams, mussels and glasswort 
Fried Fish with sweet-and-sour and mixed sesame seeds
¡In zir per la Rumagna!
selection of local desserts
For at least 2 people
euro 52
per person

all Adriatic fishes
grey mullet, sardines, anchovies, horse mackerel prepared in different ways
Potatoes and herb Dumpling with mackerel, tuna roe and tomatoes
Fillet of yellow-fin Tuna in a crust of pistachios and pumpkin seeds
with vegetables ratatouille and shallots sauce
Syrup of Ash Parfait with almonds, cocoa, candied cedar and lemon
For at least two people
euro 55,00
per person
all raw
Sashimi of Adriatic Fish with its combinations...
Molluscs and Crustaceans and their sauces
Spaghetti Verrigni selection with oysters,
zest of lemon, chives and Nori seaweed
Shabu Shabu of Seabass served with its consommè,
smoked seaweed and sour vegetables
“ Tropical “
Parfait of Mango, passion fruit and litchi
 with coconut and yoghurt
For at least 2 people
euro 65
per person
Sashimi of Amberjack and asparagus lightly marinated with lime,
Quark cheese, Matcha green tea, hibiscus and wild ivy
Cod fish marinated in saffron with celeriac cream, capers, wart cress, truffle and tomato powder
Black Venere Risotto with seafood...but in a modern way
Steamed slice of red Shi drum, tamarind, potatoes, artichoke, beans
and black garlic cream
“ I-cloud“
Greek yoghurt and milk foam…mixed with different tastes
For at least two people
euro 62,00
per person
Meat menu
Roasted suckling Pig, guinea fowl and rabbit
with beans, artichokes and quail egg
Egg and nettle Garganelli with sausage,
wild mushrooms and Fossa cheese
Sliced “Scottona Romagnola” beef steak with crunchy spinach,
candied garlic and Cervia salt flavoured with herbs
“Fellini Tribute”
 creamy english foam with sponge finger, Sangiovese sauce,
baby corn pancake and apricot sorbet
For at least two people
euro 50,00
per person
“Perfumes of Spring”
 Seasonal vegetables in different flavours and consistencies
Squared Macaroni Verrigni selection with beetroots, Chia seeds,
celery and local sheep cheese from San Patrignano
Burger of soy beans with asparagus, hemp ricotta, sprouts,
and apricot barbecue sauce
Chocolate Mousse Guanaja 70% with chickpeas biscuit,
pannacotta and Tonka beans drops, whisky perfume “Valinch & Mallet”
and red fruits
For at least two people
euro 44,00
per person