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The menu of the chef

Dinner menu
... traditional ...
Roasted cuttlefish with squacquerone cheese, dried tomatoes,
shallots and chicory powder
Potatoes and nettle Dumpling with clams, mussels and green chicory

Fried Fish with sweet-and-sour and mixed sesame seeds

¡In zir per la Rumagna!
selection of local desserts
For at least 2 people
euro 52
per person
all Adriatic fishes
“Against the tide”
Pelagic fishes with different combinations
sardines, tuna, mackerel, anchovies and swordfish

Rigatoni “Verrigni selection” pasta with mackerel, Cantabrico anchovies,
dried tomatoes, saffron and burrata creamy cheese

Fillet of yellow-fin Tuna grilled with balsamic vinegar served
with red chicory, candied Tropea onion, raisin and pistachios

Bergamot Parfait, strawberries, olive oil, almonds,
Cervia salt, tomato and Gin Moletto

For at least two people
euro 55,00
per person
all raw
Sashimi of Adriatic Fish with its combinations...
Molluscs and Crustaceans and their sauces
Spaghetti “Verrigni selection” with soy, ginger, red prawns tartare,
Nori seaweed and lemon zest

Shabu Shabu of seabass with seaweed,
vegetables and sea water consommé
“Extremely red”
Steamed Meringue with red fruits in different consistencies
For at least 2 people
euro 65
per person
Tartare of Amberjack with finger lime,
black truffle and Greek yoghurt

Roasted scallops with Jerusalem artichoke,
black garlic, acetosella herb and crunchy bacon

Risotto Vialone nano with local prawns, plankton,
and glasswort

Fillet of Shi drum cooked in saffron
served with aubergines, camomile, Sichuan pepper and purslane herb

“ 3 minutes for yourself ”
Hot milky cream, raspberries, wild berries…

For at least two people
euro 62,00
per person
Meat menu
Leg of Guinea fowl with sour vegetables,
corn crumble and green tomatoes coulis

Cappellacci pasta with rabbit sauce,
Prataioli mushrooms and sheep cheese

Sliced “Scottona Romagnola” beef steak with crunchy spinach,
candied garlic and Cervia salt flavoured with herbs

Coffee Parfait with anice foam and mascarpone cream

For at least two people
euro 50,00
per person
¡ Bread and Tomatoes in a creative way !

Beetroots Tagliolini with grilled vegetables,
Jerusalem artichoke cream and Parmesan

Grilled Home made Paneer cheese with dried fruit cracker,
courgettes and turmeric

“Somewhere else”
Tonka bean Pannacotta with coconut sorbet,
cocoa, pineapple and rhum jelly

For at least two people
euro 44,00
per person