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If you are looking for a place that is different from the usual where to eat in Rimini we introduce you to i-Fame. Our exclusive restaurant will amaze you with its meat dishes, fish always fresh and elaborate proposals, prepared with inspiration and creativity by using ingredients at 0 km revisited in a modern way.

Love for tradition is expressed through the typical products of the territory, always with seasonal choices. This matches a resolute projection toward the future, with recipes capable of creating always new combinations and unusual and never ordinary preparations.

In this way every dish is transformed, as if by magic, in a unique and unrepeatable experience, a true triumph of passion and energy, thanks to the continuous research and to the innate talent of our Chef Daniele Succi, authentic native of Rimini.

Among the proposals present in the menu of i-Fame you will always find fresh fish of the Adriatic Sea selected daily, the excellent local meat and many delicious vegetarian options. And yet excellent homemade pasta, fresh bread produced with starter and delicious desserts to end in sweetness a dinner to remember.