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Potatoes and nettle Dumpling with clams, mussels and green chicory
euro 15,00

Rigatoni “Verrigni selection” pasta with mackerel, Cantabrico anchovies,
dried tomatoes, saffron and burrata creamy cheese
euro 15,00

Spaghetti “Verrigni selection” with soy, ginger, red prawns tartare,
Nori seaweed and lemon zest
euro 16,00
Risotto Vialone nano with local prawns, plankton,
and glasswort
euro 16,00

Cappellacci pasta with rabbit sauce,
Prataioli mushrooms and sheep cheese
euro 15,00
Beetroots Tagliolini with grilled vegetables,
Jerusalem artichoke cream and Parmesan
euro 14,00