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main courses

"Rimini-style" grilled Fishes with mixed lettuce salad
euro 28,00

Fried Fish with sweet and sour and mixed sesame seeds
euro 26,00

Fillet of Tuna in a crust of pistachios and tahine cream,
ponzu sauce served with vegetables roll
and shiitake mushrooms
euro 24,00

Steamer of Fish: mixed fishes, molluscs, crustaceans
and vegetables with its sauces
euro 28,00

Fillet of turbot cooked in a broth of bergamot,
laurel, Cardoncelli mushrooms, escarole salad,
capers and black olives
euro 24,00

Sliced “Scottona Romagnola” beef steak with
crunchy spinach, candied garlic and Cervia salt
flavoured with herbs
euro 28,00

Egg cooked a 65 degrees on cauliflower cream,
beans falafel, fried chickpeas polenta
and tempura of vegetables
euro 19,00