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i-fame en starters 002


Content expired or no longer available
Roasted cuttlefish with squacquerone cheese, dried tomatoes,
shallots and chicory powder
euro 15,00

“Against the tide”
Pelagic fishes with different combinations
sardines, tuna, mackerel, anchovies and swordfish
euro 15,00

Sashimi of Adriatic Fish with its combinations…..
euro 26,00

Molluscs and Crustaceans and their sauces
euro 26,00

Tasting of 4 oysters with its matching:
La Belle du Nordet, Premium Le Gall, Krystal, Gold Beach
euro 19,00

“ Tuna in jar “
Served with: toasted bread, salad with fresh baby onion, green beans
euro 19,00

Tartare of Amberjack with finger lime, black truffle and Greek yoghurt
euro 16,00

Roasted scallops with Jerusalem artichoke,
black garlic, acetosella herb and crunchy bacon
euro 16,00

Leg of Guinea fowl with sour vegetables,
corn crumble and green tomatoes coulis
euro 15,00

¡ Bread and Tomatoes in a creative way !
euro 14,00

Selection of Italian cheeses served with: jams, honey and sweet breads
euro 19,00